Frequently asked questions – Buy uk drivers license

How long does it take to produced the drivers license?

From the moment you send your information and we receive it , it take just 6 days to produce your drivers license and delivered to you. When we get your information, we proceed immediately to DVLA and DVA with the help of team members, your process is fast forwarded so that your drivers license is produced within 5 days so that from the sixth day we are delivering it to you.

How valid is the drivers license ?

Talking of validity that is one of our watch word because we are out to help you. the drivers license we produce is valid for 10 years renewable till 70 years. Thus the license we produce is valid for as long as you use it because we are here to always renew it for you.

Is the drivers license registered?

Yes the drivers license we produced is well valid and registered in that in the system. thus you have nothing to worry about with the police or any other authority. You can also use the drivers license anywhere in the united kingdom with no fear .

How much does it cost to produce the drivers license ?

like we said, we are here to help you out thus the price for our drivers license is very minimal compared to the normal price. The prices varies according to the category of the drivers license you want to buy. Prices starts from pounds depending on the category you want.

What categories of drivers license do u produce?

We produce all categories of drivers license from AM for mopeds, P for mopeds, Q for mopeds to L for electricity propelled vehicle.

Is the anonymity of the buyer respected ?

Yes customer security and privacy is our watch word. As we produce the drivers license under secured and private conditions, delivery is not different. We anonymously deliver the drivers license to the customer as soon as we produce it to the location he or she wants.

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